Process description


The Course participants can approach us in various ways: online or by telephone (the name of our school can be found via google and at the website of and also on our own website or via family and relatives who follow courses with us.


An appointment will take place at our location within a maximum of 1 week after registering.

In the conversation we tell about our school, get acquainted and obtain information about his/her educational background, learning wishes and goals.

An intake test is conducted on the basis of this information.

The intake tests and all other tests we use are compiled by Bureau ICE.

After the result of the intake test is known, the level of the student is determined by the teacher involved in the teaching. The student is then placed in an appropriate group.

The student will receive a copy of his contract and will receive his own file with us.




If the student wishes, he/she may join a lesson (trial lesson) before entering into a contract with our school.

Our contract is the standard contract drawn up by Blik op Werk.

Different types of students can register with us. This means, for example, students who have not yet had any lessons at all or students who have already been taught at other school/schools.


That does not matter to us, every student must first take an intake test with us.

This is important to us as a school. We then know for sure that a student actually fits into a group. And that is also important for the student.


The student can bring their own books or order them through Taalgericht.

We work with different teaching methods for each language level.


The student receives 3 lessons per week. Each part of the day lasts 3 hours with 1 break of 15 minutes.

We can provide physical and online classes. We use ZOOM for online lessons.













The ONA trajectory:


Our starting point is an ONA trajectory of 64 hours. In this process we issue a 64-hour statement and the candidate does not need to be interviewed at DUO.

Our ONA trajectory is supervised by a certified ONA supervisor.


Layout of the route:


16 meetings @ 3 hours 48 hours

Independent and extracurricular assignments: 16 hours

Total 64 hours


During the 16 meetings we prepare the 8 result cards.

At the end of the process, the result cards are checked and uploaded to DUO.


During the process, the student will look for his/her qualities, limitations and wishes.

  • We are looking for a suitable training
  • We search for vacancies and write application letters.
  • We practice filling out application forms
  • We create a resume
  • We practice with job interviews.


In each meeting, the student is given a portfolio assignment. These are partly made during the meeting and further completed as homework. The homework load per assignment is approximately 1 hour.


Each portfolio assignment prepares an aspect of a result map. A portfolio assignment can also be an extracurricular assignment. (An extracurricular assignment is, for example, a visit to a company and/or the library.

If it fits within the time frame of the course series, we will also visit an open day of the ROCvA. Here the students receive information about a follow-up trajectory to work and more insight into the Dutch school system.


We issue a 64-hour statement based on a complete and timely portfolio.

During the entire process there is room for individual guidance and coaching.
















The student must first meet the number of hours (minimum 80% of the number of hours to be followed in advance) before he/she will participate in an integration or state exam.


The student must first participate in the exams required by DUO and if he/she has passed, he/she will receive a participation certificate.

If a student does not pass the re-examination, he/she must retake the course.


If the student is ready to participate in the integration exams, we help the student to request the exams via and we start with exam training.


Payment will be per month or per three months after the student has attended the classes. The student will then receive an invoice via DUO. The student will approve his invoice via DUO. When the invoice is approved, the lesson amount will be deposited into our account and the invoice amount will be deducted from the person integrating.


The student is also registered for the satisfaction survey. That is why the telephone number and email address of the student is also requested on the course contract.

Handing in student information