Complaints Regulations Taalgericht BV


When entering into the course contract, the student is drawn to the complaints regulations of Taalgericht. The complaints procedure can be found on the Taalgericht website.

They must then sign a statement confirming that they are aware of Taalgericht’s complaints procedure and that it can be found on the website.

Taalgericht’s staff is also informed of the complaints procedure and that they can find it on the Taalgericht’s website.



Definition of complaint

Dissatisfaction expressed by a customer or other external party with regard to the performance delivered by an employee of Taalgericht BV with his own expectations, which has not been or cannot be removed in the first contact about this.




Objective of the complaints procedure

The primary purpose of the complaints procedure is to do justice to the individual entitled to a complaint.



Submitting a complaint:

  1. Anyone who is dissatisfied with the services provided by Taalgericht BV must send the Taalgericht BV complaint form, completed and signed, to the management of Taalgericht BV. The complaint form can be found on the home page of Taalgericht BV
  2. Complaint forms that are not fully completed or unsigned cannot be processed.
  3. Every complaint is registered in the complaints register of Taalgericht BV and is kept at least until the end of the process.
  4. The complaint is handled by an independent employee.
  5. The director is ultimately responsible for handling the complaint.


Complaint Understanding

Dissatisfaction expressed by a customer or other external party about the performance delivered by a Taalgericht employee with his/her own expectations, which has not been or cannot be removed in the first contact about this.



The person who uses the services of Taalgericht


Taalgericht employee

The person who is employed by, or performs work on behalf of Taalgericht for Taalgericht against whom the complaint is directed.





Complaint handling

Investigating the complaint, resulting in an unenforceable decision on the merits of the complaint.



Taalgericht Employees

At the start of their work at Taalgericht, all (internal and external) employees are informed of the complaints procedure. Then they sign for the receipt.




  • The complainant will receive a written invitation within 2 weeks of submitting the complaint to provide an oral explanation of the complaint before the Complaints Committee.
  • The complaints committee will deal with the complaint in writing within 4 weeks after hearing the complainant.
  • A complaint will be fully handled within a maximum of 6 weeks.
  • If the complainant does not agree with the outcome of the complaint handling, he can submit this complaint (for a fee) to the Blik of Werk Arbitration Board.
  • Complaints submitted in writing are registered and kept until at least the end of the complainant’s course






Complaints regulations start date: 01-12-2020