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When you bring people, dreams and worlds together, culture comes to life.

Intensieve taal- en inburgeringstrajecten

We prepare you perfectly to live and work in the Netherlands


Literacy courses

These courses are intended for students who cannot read and write, so-called illiterate people. We try to go through the material as slowly and clearly..


Course A0-A1

To learn Dutch is similar to learn any other language, with dedication and determination you will definitely reach your goals and we help you on the way…


Course A1-A2

The integration course is intended for compulsory and voluntary integrators. Participants in an integration course follow a number of teaching Taalgericht modules to reach level A2.


State Exam NT2 Program I Or II

Do you want to prepare well for the Integration Exam or the State Exam? Then register for an exam training at Taalgericht.



The KNM course is about Dutch authorities, the rules that apply here and norms and values. What is the capital of the Netherlands? Who was William of Orange? How do you apply for a bank card? How do you choose the right health insurance?


Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market

An important part of the Civic Integration Exam is (ONA). At Taalgericht you can prepare well for this with a practical course: The ONA course (64 hours).

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Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.
Rita Mae Brown.


Who we are


Taalgericht is built by refugees’ entrepreneurs and teachers with a long experience in teaching languages. Therefore, we understand the challenges students face while learning a new language. Our goal is to make the integration process (language, KNM, ONA) interesting, fun, and easy. Our method combines e-learning and classrooms to ensure that students always have the right tool to learn.

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Private and group lessons, also on location, start language courses at any time..
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Good accessibility by public transport with Bus and train in Almere center.
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Well-equipped classrooms, morning, afternoon or evening classes & an open learning center.
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Cursus naar niveau A1

Looptijd : 216 Uur - Cursusprijs € 1,404 per cursus

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Cursus naar niveau A2

Looptijd : 201 Uur - Cursusprijs € 1,326 per cursus

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Staatsexamen NT2 I of II

Looptijd : 200 Uur - Cursusprijs € 1,326 per cursus

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Kennis van de Nederlandse arbeidsmarkt (KNM)

Looptijd : 64 Uur - Cursusprijs € 1,262 per cursus

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Oriëntatie op de Nederlandse Arbeidsmarkt (ONA)

Looptijd : 64 Uur - Cursusprijs € 1250 per cursus

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Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom
Roger Bacon.


Cursus info

Learning Dutch for integrators: The integration course is intended for compulsory and voluntary integrators. Participants in an integration course follow several teachings to reach level A2. Are you an integrator (compulsory or voluntary)? Then you can take an exam at language level A2

The number of lessons depends on your starting level and your objective. You can prepare for the Integration Exam or the State Exam NT2, program I or II. Taalgericht offers Taalgericht modules of 108 hours. Based on a language level test, we provide advice on a suitable Dutch course, but you determine the number of Taalgericht modules yourself. Two or three times a week you have three hours of lessons, during the day or in the evening.

The course costs depend on the number of hours required to learn the Dutch language. Taalgericht can advise you personally on this subject by means of a free intake interview.

Do you want to prepare well for the Integration Exam or the State Exam? Then register for an exam training at Taalgericht. The teacher will guide you as practically as possible in strengthening the skills needed for the various exam components: writing, reading, listening, and speaking the Dutch language.

The exam training prepares you for the Integration Exam or for the State Exam (program I or II). The exam is about Dutch customs and rules. During the exam you must also show that you know the Dutch language well enough. The teacher also responds to the needs of the students, and offers during the training other things like:

The course “Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market” is about working and finding work in the Netherlands. The course focuses on three pillars, namely:

Taalgericht organizes language courses especially for non-native speakers in preparation for the State Examination for Dutch as a second language (NT2-I and NT2-II). Participants follow these courses in groups of a maximum of 10 people. A new group of beginners starts every quarter. In addition, students can join existing groups throughout the year

Participants work on improving their language skills for work, education and / or their private situation. We prepare the student in several Taalgericht modules for the State Examination NT2, programs I and II. The components of writing, reading, listening, and speaking are central to the Dutch course.

e language courses aimed at program I of the State Exam work towards level B1 of the European Framework of Reference. In secondary vocational education (MBO), level B1 is often ,brused as an admission requirement.

The courses aimed at program II of the State Exam work towards level B2. Level B2 is usually the required language level for higher professional education (HBO) and university programs.

The number of Taalgericht modules that must be followed to reach the desired level for the exam depends on the starting level and the learning pace of the student. An average learning student usually needs 400 lessons to go from level A1 min to level B1. At the intake we give you a personal and realistic advice about the length of the route to be followed

Imagine: You have now passed the State Examination NT2, program II, but you want to further perfect your Dutch for work or study, for example?

Taalgericht offers advanced non-native speakers the opportunity to increase their language skills through a Perfect Dutch course. The course offers the opportunity to increase the language level to C1 (see the European Framework of Reference) and to perfect the Dutch language use.

The aim of the course is to improve all language skills: speaking, having conversations, writing, reading, and listening. The curriculum includes: