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Course to level B1-B2

Exam training for Integration Exam & State Exam

Do you want to prepare well for the Integration Exam or the State Exam?

Then register for an exam training at Taalgericht language school.

The teacher will guide you as practically as possible in strengthening the skills needed

for the various exam components: writing, reading, listening and speaking the Dutch language.

Content training and exam

The exam training prepares you for the Integration Exam or for the State Exam (program I or II).

The exam is about Dutch customs and rules. During the exam you must also show that you know

the Dutch language well enough. The teacher also responds to the needs of the students.

and offers durring the training, among other things:

Sample exams;

Preparation material;

Practical tips for all exam components: speaking, listening, reading, writing;

Successful exam strategies;

Collaborative learning (in pairs and small groups);

Personal guidance and feedback from the teacher..

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