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Course to level A0-A1 /A1-A2

iLearning Dutch for integrators: Are you an integrator (compulsory or voluntary)?

Then you can take an exam at language level A2

How long does learning Dutch take?

The number of lessons depends on your starting level and your objective.

You can prepare for the Integration Exam or the State Exam NT2, program I or II.

Taalgericht language school offers module of Dutch of 90 hours.

Based on a language level test,

We provide advice on a suitable Dutch course, but you determine the number of modules yourself.

Two or three times a week you have three hours of lessons, during the day or in the evening.

What does a Dutch course cost?

The course costs depend on the number of hours required to learn the Dutch language.

Taalgericht language school can advise you personally on this by means of a free intake interview..

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